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  • Messages of Condolences

Messages of Condolences

Dear Mr. Seo,

For the past 11 years it has been a privilege and a pleasure to work closely with the late Mayor Park as a member of SIBAC. To you as Acting Mayor and to all your colleagues in the Seoul Metropolitan Government, I offer my deepest sympathies as you take on the challenges of running your great city.

Could you please convey my personal condolences to Mrs. Park who was always so gracious at the dinners which she co-hosted with the Mayor.

Mayor Park leaves an impressive legacy and, along with my sympathy, may I also send to you and your colleagues my best wishes.

Yours in sadness,

Christopher Forbes
Vice Chairman
499 Washington Boulevard
Jersey City, NJ 07310

Voici très chère Laurence. J’espère que c’est approprié.

Envoyé de mon iFarm

I came to know about the untimely demise of GSEF Co-chair, Initiator and Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon this week.

He was a great visionary leader and champion of human rights and social economy. With a little interaction, I had with him, during Social and Solidarity Camp 2017 - new dimensions of social economy opened for me. When Chief Minister of Delhi Mr Arvind Kejriwal visited Seoul in 2018, he also emphasized on Seoul's model and signed pacts with Mayor sir. I was closely following his work too.

Given the present scenario where everyone is suffering from the pandemic, his vision and guidance was much more important for all of us to recover & revive from these testing times.

I extend my deep condolence to the GSEF Fraternity and his family as world have lost the true champion of Social Economy. ।। ॐ शाि ।।

In solidarity,

so sorry to hear this news. enclosed my condolence message from asec. take care and keep me posted. dj
My Dear Consul General,

Please allow me to express my sincere sympathy on the passing of the Mayor of Seoul. As you know I recently took part in a whbinar he did on covid and he seemed from afar to lead a very capable progressive administration. The thoughts of the people of Toronto are with you and his family and the people of Seoul.

John Tory

As president of Urgenci International Network and Board member of RIPESS Intercontinental, I would like to convey our condolences to Mayor Park's family. His work for the city of Seoul and the creation of the GSEF have made a great contribution to the advancement of social solidariity economy. His empowerment of local communities to create and manage effective solutions at municipal level was exemplary.

May he rest in peace.

In solidarity‌

Judith Hitchman, President

Dear colleagues of Seoul Metropolitan Government,

We were all saddened by the news of Mayor Park’s demise and feel sorry for this loss.

Please accept the condolences on behalf of all the WFP Korea office staff.

With condolences,
Hyoungjoon Lim, Director

It is with the deepest sadness and sorrow that I say farewell to Mayor Wonsoon Park, with whom I had an honor of friendship and collaboration for many years. Building an international network of social economy practitioners and leaders in cities around the world, is the only one of your legacies, Mayor Park. You have insipired men and women in Seoul and in cities throughout the world, to lead and to design a better world. Urban regeneration, cities as commons, social innovation, civic engagement, the citizen's economy - these are but a few of your legacies to leave us. Your steadfast commitment for social justice and equality, your grace, your dignity, your warms, will inspire us to carry on in your spirit. Rest in peace, dear Mayor Won Soon Park, dear friend.
Dear friends, I am very saddened by a sudden death of mayor Park Won Soon. He was a really friend for me, we have had a lot of exchanges in Seoul, but also in Bilbao and Montreal. And We have planned to meet to continue to work together. So for me, it is a tragedy. This man is a president, who has founded the GSEF. He has done a beautiful work for social and solidarity economy, not just in Korea but also in the world, while he has developed these beautiful ideas that social and solidarity economies and cities have a common interest, and must develop common activities. And he has supported a lot of concrete examples to create the initiatives in his own town Seoul, but he has also convinced mayors of the world to do the same things. And he has established a lot of positive links between cities and social and solidarity economy in the world. I hope that you will continue to follow his examples. I offer my heartfelt condolence to his family, to his colleagues, mayors of cities, to you, team of GSEF, to co-president, secretary, all of you.

I would like to express my condolence in the deepest sympathy to my friends and colleagues in Seoul with this terrible loss. We share your intense sorrow along with you. We have lost our incredible friend and ally, and we are truly devastated by this news. Mayor Park was, for me and for so many of my colleagues here in Quebec, a model and an inspiration. It was an incredible privilege to have been able to collaborated with him. And we in Quebec have many benefits from his work and his commitment to justice and equality. His remarkable achievement will be remembered, and we are deeply grateful for his contribution to building an international movement in favor of sustainable, democratic social economy. The legacy of Mayor Park will and must continue. I am sure that he would've wanted us to pursue his work, and we must not disappoint him. It is no doubt the best way to honor him. Both personally and on behalf of my friends and colleagues, we are with you in your sorrow. And we will be with you in this struggle to move forward. Once again, my most heartfelt sympathies to Mayor Park's family, his friends, all those who respected him and admired him as we did. He will live on in our memories and in our actions.

I appreciate his warmth and care for making the communities around him better.

I just heard the news about Mayor Park Won-soon and wanted to send my sincerest condolences. Very tragic news. Of course please don't hesitate to contact us if there is anything your city needs from a technology perspective related to COVID-19 or otherwise.

Ted Ross
Geberal Manager, CIO

Dear Dr Na and colleagues in SMG.

We were all deeply shocked by the news of Mayor Park’s tragic demise and feel very sorry for this loss.

Please accept the most heartfelt condolences of all the WHO Asia-Pacific Centre for Environment and Health staff.

My condolences,

Marco Martuzzi

Dear colleagues of Seoul Metropolitan Government,

We were all deeply sad by the news of Mayor Park’s tragic demise and feel very sorry for this loss.
Please accept the most heartfelt condolences on behalf of all the WHO Asia-Pacific Centre for Environment and Health staff.

With condolences,
WHO Asia-Pacific Centre for Environment and Health in the Western Pacific Region

Jimin Lee

Dear a Committee colleagues,

Today we mourn the death of Mayor Park Won-soon. For all of us, he was a fellow mayor, an esteemed colleague, a steadfast advocate for climate justice, and a sounding board for big ideas. For many of us, he was also a friend. His loss is stunning, difficult, and painful to bear.

From his perch as a C40 Vice Chair, Mayor Park always pushed us to act with greater urgency. He raised consciousness about the consequences of inaction, and he set an example on sustainable leadership at the local level.

No words can express our shock and sorrow right now. Let’s simply keep Mayor Park’s family and the people of Seoul in our prayers in this time of unimaginable grief, and let’s extend the deepest condolences of everyone at C40 to all who are impacted by his passing.


ERIC GARCETTI Chair of C40 Cities Mayor of Los Angeles

Our networks and members are deeply saddened by the passing away of Mayor Park Won-soon and we extend our sincere condolences to his family, to the Seoul Metropolitan Government and the residents of Seoul.

As a Global Covenant of Mayors Board Member, a C40 Vice-Chair, former ICLEI President and GexCom member, and UCLG Bureau Member, Mayor Park Won-soon has been a strong advocate for global climate action and under his leadership, Seoul has been an example to other cities around the world.

Condolences from the Permanent Secretariat of the World Summit ofNobel Peace Laureates

Dear members of the Seoul Metropolitan Government,

We would like to humbly convey our deepest condolences and solidarity for the passing of Mayor Park. He was always very passionate, caring, and striving for Peace for Korea and for his people in Seoul. It was Mayor Park who took great initiative to bring our Summit to Seoul; and both Seoul and our team members have been working selflessly for the manifestation of the 18th World Summit of the Nobel Peace Laureates.

We can imagine how difficult this situation is for you given that you were very close to Mayor Park.

Please let us know without hesitation if there is anything we can do for you.

Best regards,

Ekaterina Zagladina,
The Members of the Permanent Secretariat of the World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates

Dear Mr. SEO,

On behalf of the UCLG ASPAC Presidency and Members, we would like to extend our deepest sympathies to the people of Seoul upon the passing of Mayor Park Won-Soon. We are deeply saddened to hear this news. Please accept our sincere condolences.

We believe that throughout his governance, Mayor Park Won-Soon has demonstrated an exemplary leadership and guided Seoul to be the outstanding and accomplished city it is today. Mayor Park Won-Soon was a valued member of UCLG ASPAC who actively participated in the association. His ideas and views, including his indispensable contribution in proposing the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Cities as an advocate for climate action, will leave an enduring and remarkable legacy for us all.

UCLG ASPAC has the greatest respect for Mayor Park Won-Soon and he will be missed by the UCLG family of cities and local governments. Mayor Park Won-Soon was an exceptional leader who made a difference in the lives of many people in Seoul Metropolitan City and at this organization.


signature Dr. Bernadia Irawati Tjandradewi
Dr. Bernadia Irawati Tjandradewi
Secretary General UCLG ASPAC

Dear Mr. Ahn

Our deep thoughts are with you. We are very moved.

metropolis .
Agnès Charlotte Bickart

Dear friends,

We deeply regret the unexpected death of your Mayor. This must come as a shock to you and to your city and country.
Through the message attached we want to express our compassion.
Our hearts are with the family, friends and colleagues of the late Mayor Park Won-soon.

With deepest sympathy,
Pieter van de Glind & Harmen van Sprang

Dearest Gunna,

desperately sad news….there are no words……

Much love,


Helena Norberg-Hodge

I just saw the heartbreaking news on Mayor Park.

A tragedy for both South Korea and all of humanity.

I had such hope that with him… to lead the world to a new civilization.

One more hope shattered.

So many of us in the process movement have so appreciated Mayor Park that I have heard about his death from many sources.

We feel the loss personally but also for Korea and for the world.

Just this afternoon I am recording a message for a conference there in which I express my hopes that Korea will lead the world.

I will leave it in the message, but so much of that hope rested on Mayor Park that it is threatened…. John

'est avec tristesse que j'ai appris le décès de M. Park Won-soon, Maire de Seoul et Co Président du Gsef.

Par ma voix, la ville de Dakar et le RACTES présentent leurs condoléances attristées, RIP.

Soham El Wardini

Maire de Dakar.

Dear Mr. Vice Mayor SEO, Jeong-hyup,

The ICA Board of Directors and I are greatly saddened to learn the tragic loss of Mr. Park Won-soon. We express our profound sorrow and heartfelt condolences.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of Mr. Park Won-soon. Our sympathies are also with his friends, colleagues as well as with the citizens of Seoul. There are no words to ease the pain of losing a loved one, but we hope fond memories help temper the grief they must feel.
Mr. Park Won-soon took his role as Mayor of the City of Seoul to heart. We know that he was committed to leading in a way that would bring hope, optimism, and pride to this great city.

He will be deeply missed by all who knew him.

Respectfully Yours,

Ariel Guarco President

I first met with Mayor Park to advise on the benefits and best practices of the sharing economy in June of 2013 in Seoul. I spoke at a conference there, and then heard his speech after mine. I was so struck by his commitment to the people, his very creative and thoughtful approach to many of the city's problems, and the deep way in which he engaged with his constituents.

I went back now to look at our email correspondence. I was asked to help keep the Mayor apprised of best practices around the world. My response: " Seoul is really on the forefront of what is being done."

I am saddened by this tragic loss. The city and the world is less without Mayor Park's empathy and leadership.

Robin Chase

co-founder and former CEO of Zipcar

Author of Peers Inc: How People and Platforms are Inventing the Collaborative Economy and Reinventing Capitalism

Mayor Park's vision for the sharing economy and community-led innovation remains an inspiration for leaders worldwide.

Mayor Park saw what Seoul, and cities around the world, need: stronger relationships, resilience and respect for our interdependence.

He led with both head and heart. He celebrated the power of people, collaboration, and designing a more humane world.

Mayor Park's passing is a loss for humanity.

May each of us continue his legacy of service and commitment to helping one another create a brighter tomorrow.

With my warmest wishes,


Please accept my deepest condolence on the sudden demise of The Late Mayor PARK Won-Soon.

Dr. Tengku Rethwan bin Tengku Mansor
Patron and Governor
Korea ASEAN Civilian Cooperation Council

Such sad and terrible news. Please accept my condolences and thoughts are with you and the team in Seoul.

Please do let me know if there is anything I can do to help during these difficult times.


Desde el Comité Organizador Local (COL) del Foro de Global de la Economía Social (GSEF) 2021 le saludamos cordialmente y deseamos expresar nuestras más sinceras condolencias por el sensible fallecimiento del Sr. Park Won-Soon, copresidente del GSEF y alcalde del Gobierno Metropolitano de Seúl, quien de forma notable impulsó durante su mandato la Economía Social y Solidaria a nivel local y mundial.

Al mismo tiempo, hacemos propicio este medio para reafirmar al Secretariado General del GSEF el compromiso por continuar colaborando estrechamente para la organización oportuna y exitosa de las actividades conjuntas que han sido programadas dentro del periodo 2020-2021.

Sin más por el momento, le reiteramos nuestro más sentido pésame y nos mantenemos a su disposición.


Mtro. Juan Manuel Martínez Louvier, Director General del Instituto Nacionalde la Economía Social (INAES)

Lic. Fadlala Akabani Hneide, Secretario de Desarrollo Económico(SEDECO) del GM de Mexico

Dra. Soledad Aragón Martínez, Secretaria de Trabajo y Fomento alEmpleo (STyFE) del GM de Mexico

Dra. Diana Alarcón González, Coordinadora General de Asesores yAsuntos Internacionales (CGAAI)del GM de Mexico

En vacances cette semaine en Bretagne avec Pascale, nous avons appris la terrible nouvelle du décès du Maire de Séoul.

Nous pensons fortement à toi et adressons nos condoléances à la famille, à ses collaborateurs et amis ainsi qu’à toi qui m’a permis de le connaître.


Pascal et Pascale, Conseiller regional de l”ESS a Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France


Mes sincères condoléances Laurence!. C’est vraiment horrible!

Ester Vidal Pujol – Xicoy, Directora, Direcció de Serveis d'Economia Cooperativa, Social i Solidaria i Política Alimentària Gerència de Política Econòmica i Desenvolupament Local Ajuntament de Barcelona

I wanted to send you my condolences on the loss of you Mayor and your Co-chair. I know this will be felt strongly by you both and by the whole organisation. My thoughts are with you and all at GSEF at this most difficult time

Best wishes

Lynn Collins
Strategic Relations and Engagement Advisor | 1 Mann Island, Liverpool, L3 1BP

Estamos consternados por la triste noticia.Nuestro corazón está con vosotros.

Traslada un fuerte abrazo a todo el equipo.

Un abrazo

Xabier Ochandiano
Concejal de Desarrollo Económico, Comercio yEmpleo

Dear Laurence and GSEF team,

We are deeply saddened to receive the news that the Co-Chair of the Global Social Economy Forum (GSEF) and Mayor of Seoul, Mr. Won Soon Park, passed away last night.

We are aware of how much he did during his life for social movements and the Social and Solidarity Economy.

We express our sincere condolences to you. May his soul rest in peace.

Best regards,

Technical Officer on Social and Solidarity Economy and Future of Work (JPO)
Cooperatives Unit, Enterprises Department,ILO& UNTF SSE Ccordinator

I saw the news overnight with sadness - my regrets and condolences for this difficult time for all in Seoul, especially given Mayor Park's reach and influence. Those of us in AVPN who had interacted with Mayor Park have received this news with shock and sadness.

No doubt there will be much media and news that will emerge, I send wishes that the GSEF team stay strong and support each other through this time.

With sympathy,

Patsian LOW, AVPN Policy Division Director

Siento mucho la situación de perdida. hay personas que marcan las instituciones y la vida de mucha gente con sus acciones, y seguro El fue uno de ellos.

desde Colombia gran abrazo fraternal para todos en GSEF.

ELISA C.TORRENEGRA, GestarSalud Directora y Coopresidente ESSFI

nous apprenons avec beaucoup de peine le drame qui s'est joué au sujet du Grand Maire de Séoul!
Quelle perte pour l'ESS!
prions pour le repos de l'äme de ce grand Monsieur qui a tant fait pour l'ESS à Séoul!
bon courage à toute la famille ESS de Séoul
de tout Coeur avec vous

Pauline Effa, Directrice du Partenariat France-Afrique pour le Co-Developpement, Cameroun

Nous avons appris avec une très grande tristesse la disparition du maire de Séoul,M.Park Won-soon.

L'ensemble des membres du réseau africain d'économie sociale et solidaire (RAESS), s'incline très pieusement sur la mémoire de ce leader politique emblématique. M.Park Woon-soon avait une vision très claire du développement basé sur l'humain à travers, entre autres, son engagement très concret à accompagner, de par le monde, via le GSEF,la promotion des vertus de l'économie sociale et solidaire, qui nous fédère.

Nous demeurons convaincus et mobilisés pour continuer, avec le GSEF, l'oeuvre qu'il a soutenu, en tant que partenaire stratégique éminemment important dans l'écosystème de l'économie sociale.

Paix à son âme!

Bien solidairement

Prof. Madani KOUMARE, Président du RAESS & RENAPESS Mali, Bamako

J'ai pensé beaucoup à toi lors du décès du Maire Park et depuis. Les circonstances tragiques ne doivent pas porter ombrage à l'œuvre de cet homme d'un profond humanisme. J'ai échangé avec Nancy et Margie qui sont encore, tout comme moi, bouleversé par ce départ inattendu pour nous tous. Mais toi, sa proche collaboratrice, traverse certainement une période encore plus difficile.

Je veux te témoigner mon amitié et t'offrir, ainsi qu'aux collègues du GSEF, mes plus sincères condoléances.

Il nous appartient maintenant de poursuivre l'œuvre de construire des ponts entre les peuple en faveur d'une économie sociale et solidaire, juste et inclusive, pour des communautés plus résiliantes.


Patrick Duguay, former Presidet du Chantier de l’ESS de Quebec

C'est avec une très grande tristesse que j'ai appris le decès brutal et prématuré de notre ami Park Won-Soon

En cette douleureuse circonstance, au nom des maires Africains, membres du GSEF et acquis à la cause de la promotion de l'ESS, du Conseil du District de Bamako et au mien propre, je vous adresse, à vous et à famille de l'illustre disparu mes condoleances les plus attristées.

Je retiens de Monsieur Park , un homme humble et avec un sens elevé de l'exaltante mission d'un élu local. Aussi et surtout j'ai noté son attachement à Seoul et son rayonnement. Son engagement pour l'ESS, son envie d'en faire une "Economie au visage humain" donc au profit des couches les plus defavorisées etait sans équivoque.

Nous avons le devoir de perpetuer l'esprit de son combat!

Repose en paix Président.

Adama Sangaré
Maire de Bamako
Vice Président -Afrique GSEF