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  • We Are the MERS Citizen Volunteer Group.

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    “We Are the MERS Citizen Volunteer Group.”

    All citizens and patients alike are suffering due to the MERS outbreak,
    but those suffering the most may be the medical community and public officials.
    Recognizing this, we offer all of them our deepest thanks.

    Why did a sincere, hand-written letter from an elementary student touch the hearts of so many?
    It is because it touched a nerve among those fighting MERS behind the scenes
    nd the citizens cheering for them amid the hot summer weather.

    From sterilizing the facilities frequented by countless citizens to organizing citizen campaigns in support of MERS patients and medical personnel
    and a series of hand sanitizer sharing events,
    the Seoul City Volunteer Center and the volunteer centers in 25 autonomous districts stand united in the fight against the MERS virus.

    The fear and uncertainty about MERS can be overcome
    through the sincere personal effort of each and every citizen.