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  • Merry Christmas with Pucca!

  • Traffic News SMG 5320

    Seoul City is operating 300 “Merry Christmas Buses with ” to add to the jovial atmosphere leading up to and following the New Year.

    The operation of the buses is intended to help people celebrate the end of the year and ring in the new with warm hearts and feelings of friendship through character-adorned public transportation, including the Tayo Bus, Larva Subway, Pororo Taxi, and Rudolf Bus.

    With the cooperation of the VOOZ, the sides of some city buses have been decorated with images of the female character Pucca as she engages in a snowball fight with her boyfriend, Garu, and pictures of Pucca and Garu sharing a long scarf and standing next to a warm bonfire. Also, by using city buses and subway cars in a similar way, Seoul City is planning to deliver a message of hope to Seoul citizens during the New Year’s holiday following Christmas, ushering in the year of the blue sheep.

    Additionally, Seoul City will decorate a city tour bus with Pucca-related images, as the character is particularly popular among foreigners, and display humorous no-smoking signs incorporating images of Pucca at major tourist destinations.

    【A design option for Merry Christmas Buses with Pucca】

    • 【2015, a year full of spirit】
    • 【An official image of Pucca】

    【Design option #1 for Merry Christmas Buses with Pucca】

    【Design option #2 for Merry Christmas Buses with Pucca】