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  • Members of Seoul International Student Forum Wanted

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government will launch the 5th SISF (Seoul International Student Forum) on Friday, 22 June 2012. Meanwhile, it is seeking people who would like to work as members of the forum. Applications will be accepted from April 23(Mon) to May 13(Sun).

    The SISF has been held annually since 2008 for the purpose of offering international students in Seoul opportunities to visit the major administrative offices of Seoul, volunteer for work in community service centers, and to come up with ways of improving various aspects of the city administration. One particular focus of the program is to make Seoul an agreeable place for foreigners to live in.

    The 5th forum will be composed of eighty-eight international students enrolled in colleges and universities in Seoul alongside twelve Korean students. Only students who have passed a documentation examination will be invited for interviews, and priority will be given to those interested in the work of the Seoul Metropolitan Government. The applicants who are selected to take part in the forum will work in groups from July to August (the summer vacation period in Korea) with the aim of presenting fresh ideas to improve the civil service of Seoul.

    For the 4th SISF launched in 2011, a total of 192 people applied and 84 students from 32 countries were finally selected, representing a recruitment ratio of about 2.28 to 1.

    In 2012, priority will be given to those who have obtained Grade 3 or higher in TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korean) and studied in Korea the longest. This is because such students are more likely to come up with ideas to improve the city administration based on their experience and knowledge of Seoul.

    For those who have shown themselves to be efficient in their forum activities, the city government plans to offer them the chance to work as interns in its offices in collaboration with the Global Internship program, as an incentive for more active participation in the forum. The internship, meanwhile, is open to international students in Seoul for temporary positions during the summer and winter vacations.

    To apply for the 5th SISF, download an application form at the website of the Seoul Global Center and e-mail the completed form to us.

    http://global.seoul.go.kr/ -> PROGRAMS -> International Student Forum
    – E-mail address: sgc.sisf@gmail.com
    – Telephone inquiries: +82-2-2075-4108

    Please refer to the following schedules and activities required for the 5th SISF before submitting an application:

    – A workshop for all participants is scheduled for June 24-25.
    – The final presentation and the awards ceremony are slated for August 26.
    – Team activities include visiting major administrative offices of Seoul throughout the vacation period and performing volunteer services in community child centers in Seoul from August 8 to 11.