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  • <2018 Culture Seoul> Meet the spring at Seoul Plaza during lunch time!

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    How about enjoying a warm spring day while catching a hard-to-watch show during your precious lunch hour? Just for seven days between April 25 (Wed.) – 28 (Sat.) and May 2 (Wed.) – 4 (Fri.)! At 12pm sharp, Seoul Plaza will turn into a plaza overflowing with music, ready to receive its audience.

    Before the opening of <2018 Culture Seoul> which will be held from May until October, Seoul City will showcase the special performance of “Spring, Promenading in the Plaza” for a fun and enjoyable lunch time for the citizens. The performance, to be presented in seven sessions, was organized to allow interaction with the audience, centering on circus shows which have been most loved by citizens among the programs that were held every year in <2018 Culture Seoul>.

    For the pre-performance of the show, an acrobatic circus will be presented by Korea’s best art circus troupe Performance Factory on April 25 and start the four-day special performance. Distinctive performances including the mime performance of Mr. Ham and street music by Brass Tong & Free Up Collaboration, showing the story of 21st century contemporary citizens in an adaptation of The Wizard of Oz, will be presented.

    From May 2 (Wed.) for three days, a variety of performances will be staged including a novel performance by a new musical theater group 「Performance Creation Street Company Yusangtong Project」 which combines theater, creative music, and environmental movement, and a performance of strings by「Iljangilddan company」.

    Starting with the pre-performances, a temporary stage will be installed for <2018 Culture Seoul> and a variety of performances as well as season opening concerts and theme concerts will be showcased during lunch and dinner hours from May 7 until October.

    In addition, theme concerts will focus on ‘family’ and ‘youth,’ and combined performances of tango, traditional songs and Popera music, audition concerts targeting regular citizens, working citizens’ group concerts, etc., spanning diverse genres and all age groups, will be presented on stage for the enjoyment and vitality of citizens and countless visitors.

    For detailed information on the performances, visit the website of <2018 Culture Seoul> (culture.seoul.go.kr) and the Seoul Culture portal.

    2018 Culture Seoul Meet the spring at Seoul Plaza during lunch time!
    Acrobatic Circus Mime Performance
    Acrobatic Circus Mime Performance
    Street Music Performances Performance with Strings
    Street Music Performances Performance with Strings