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  • Medical institutions in Seoul equipped with MERS treatment facilities

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    Anyone who suspects they may have contracted MERS, or is experiencing a fever and respiratory symptoms such as coughing and phlegm, can receive treatment at a public health center or a medical institution equipped with a MERS treatment facility. At present, such facilities have been established at 25 public health centers, eight Seoul City-operated hospitals, and two public hospitals.

    Suspected MERS patients who visit a public health center will be checked for MERS through a body fluid test carried out at the Seoul City-operated Research Institute of Public Health and Environment. Also, the Seoul Medical Center is carrying out tests and providing treatment, using a negative pressure room for the collection of bodily fluids.

    The Seoul Medical Center and Seobuk Hospital have been designated as MERS-quarantined hospitals, and are treating MERS patients showing mild symptoms, while Boramae Medical Center has been tasked with providing intensive care for MERS patients displaying severe symptoms.

    Seoul City will increase the number of MERS treatment centers in consultation with private hospitals, including tertiary hospitals.

    ▶ List of 25 Public Health Centers

    LocationPhone numbers
    3Yongsan-gu2199-6181~2, 2199-8102, 2199-8103
    4Seongdong-gu2286-7040, 2286-7034
    5Gwangjin-gu450-1937, 450-1936
    6Dongdaemun-gu2127-5422, 2127-5409
    7Jungnang-gu2094-0742, 2094-0743
    8Seongbuk-gu2241-6023, 2241-6022
    92241-6023, 2241-6022901-7703, 901-7704, 901-7706
    10Dobong-gu2091-4481, 2091-4482
    12Eunpyeong-gu351-8900, 351-8278, 351-8277
    13Seodaemun-gu330-8726, 330-1886
    14330-8726, 330-18863153-6380~2, 3153-9032, 3153-9033
    15Yangcheon-gu2620-3856, 2620-3855
    16Gangseo-gu2600-5992, 2600-5955
    17Guro-gu860-3288, 860-2419
    18Geumcheon-gu2627-2426, 2627-2717, 2627-2718, 2627-2686
    19Yeongdeungpo-gu2670-4904, 2670-4905, 2670-4907
    20Dongjak-gu820-9680, 820-9463, 820-9465
    21Gwanak-gu879-7131~2, 879-7131, 879-7132
    22Seocho-gu2155-8090~6, 2155-8091, 2155-8093
    23Gangnam-gu3426-7980~4, 3423-7135, 3423-7134
    24Songpa-gu2147-3477, 2147-3478, 2147-3481, 2147-3480
    25Gangdong-gu3425-8501~2, 3425-6713, 3425-6712

    ▶ Eight Seoul City-operated hospital

    LocationNamesPhone numbers
    1Jongno-guSeoul Metropolitan Children’s Hospital2148-3552~4
    2Eunpyeong-guSeobuk Hospital3156-3200, 3114
    3Eunpyeong-guEunpyeong Hospital300-8126 (day), 300-8114 (night)
    4Jungnang-guSeoul Medical Center2276-7113
    5Dongdaemun-guDongbu Hospital920-9118~9
    6Jungnang-guBukbu Hospital2036-0348
    7Dongjak-guBoramae Medical Center870-2114
    8Yangcheon-guSeonam Hospital6300-9119

    ▶ Two national and public hospitals

    LocationNamesPhone numbers
    1Jung-guNational Medical Center2276-2112 (MERS Countermeasure Headquarters)
    2Jongno-guSeoul National University Hospital2072-2114

    The Ministry of Health and Welfare (MOHW) has released a list of MERS-free hospitals. “MERS-free” refers to hospitals being run for ordinary people concerned about the possibility of having contracted MERS. So far, 22 tertiary hospitals, 61 general hospitals, and four hospitals have been designated as MERS-free hospitals, 20 of which are located in Seoul.

    At MERS-free hospitals, patients experiencing respiratory symptoms receive treatment at a separate treatment facility, instead of in the emergency room. If hospitalization is necessary, they are given single-bed rooms. Patients with pneumonia are sent to an intensive-care facility after it has been determined that they are not infected with MERS.

    ▶ 33 MERS-free hospitals in Seoul

    LocationNamesPhone numbers
    1Yangcheon-guEWHA Womans University Medical Center 2650-5114
    2Dongjak-guChung-Ang University Hospital6299-1114
    3Guro-guKorea University Guro Hospital2626-1114
    4Dongdaemun-guKyung Hee University Medical Center958-8114
    5Seodaemun-guSeverance Hospital 1599-1004
    6Seongbuk-guKorea University Anam Hospital 1577-0093
    7Gangnam-guGangnam Severance Hospital 2019-2114
    8Seongdong-guHanyang University Seoul Hospital 2290-8114
    9Seocho-guSeoul St. Mary’s Hospital1588-1511
    10Nowon-guEulji Hospital970-8000
    11Dongdaemun-guSahmYook Medical Center 1577-3675
    12Yeongdeungpo-guYeongdeungpo Hospital 2632-0013
    13Yeongdeungpo-guMyongji St. Mary’s Hospital 829-7777
    14Yongsan-guSoonchunhyang University Hospital709-9114
    15Nowon-guInje University Sanggye Paik Hospital950-1114
    16Gangdong-guVHS Medical Center 2225-1111
    17Jung-guInje University Seoul Paik Hospital 2270-0114
    18Gangdong-guGangdong Sungsim General Hospital2224-2114
    19Gangseo-guBumin Hospital1577-7582
    20Yeongdeungpo-guBurn&Scar Institute Hangangsoo2063-8383
    21Jongno-guSeoul National University Hospital2072-2114
    22Songpa-guAsan Medical Center1688-7575
    23Jongno-guKangbuk Samsung Hospital2001-2001
    24Yeongdeungpo-guYeouido St. Mary’s Hospital3779-1114
    25Gangnam-guBestian Medical Center3452-7575
    26Dongdaemun-guSeoul Sungsim General Hospital966-1616
    27Jongno-guSeoul Red Cross Hospital2002-8000
    28Dongdaemun-guSt. Paul’s Hospital958-2114
    29Yeongdeungpo-guGangnam Sungsim General Hospital829-5114
    30Dongjak-guBoramae Medical Center870-2114
    31Dobong-guGangbuk Himchan Hospital1899-2226
    32Gangnam-guThe Joeun Hospital591-3777
    33Yangcheon-guMokdong Himchan Hospital1899-2221