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Mayor's Hope Journal2

  • Seoul Metropolitan Government’s Public Sector Innovation Measures
    [Mayor’s Hope Journal 605]

  • Mayor's Hope Journal2 SMG 1531

    – The number of crimes committed by public officials has dropped by about 86 percent, while the number of cases of corruption and irregularities committed by public officials reported through hotlines has increased more than ten-fold.

    – Approximately 73 percent of citizens responded that “It will have a positive impact on raising the citizens’ trust in the public sector,” and nearly 82 percent of Seoul City officials responded that “It has improved the level of integrity in the public sector.”

    This positive change is being driven by the “Park Won Soon Act.” In August 2014, the Seoul Metropolitan Government Public Sector Innovation Measures were announced, and the Seoul City Public Officials Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Rules were revised the following October. In March 2015, the city government set up a specific action plan to replace the Kim Young-ran Act with the Park Won Soon Act.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government Public Sector Innovation Measures (a.k.a. the Park Won Soon Act) are as follows: ① establish a new system that mitigates the conflicts of interest between the public and private sector; ② set up a system to eradicate fraud and illicit solicitation; ③ strengthen the “one-strike” system for public officials receiving bribes; ④ reinforce the safety management system and the responsibility of high-level public officials; and ⑤ establish measures to root out corrupt officials (e.g. re-employment of retired public officials, etc.)

    On March 31, six months after the launch of the Park Won Soon Act, the city government will carefully examine the performance, limitations, and future direction of these innovative changes in the public sector, taking the leading role in setting standards of ethical conduct that meet the expectations of Seoul citizens.