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    With the new extension of Subway Line No. 9, it now takes only 30 minutes to travel between Gangseo and Songpa.

    I am incredibly grateful to all Seoul citizens for your cooperation and understanding under such inconvenient circumstances.

    Furthermore, I would like to thank all those who were involved in the construction effort and endured the harsh working conditions.

    When the third section of Subway Line No. 9, stretching from Jamsil Sports Complex Station to Seoul VHS Medical Center Station, is completed in 2018, the east and west of downtown Seoul will finally be connected by express subway service.

    This will contribute greatly to balanced regional development and the convenience and quality of Seoul’s public transportation system.

    However, it is true that this change many not be completely positive. With the opening of the second section, the issue of over-crowding during rush hour is expected to become even worse.

    No matter what happens, I am deeply sorry for any inconvenience that Seoul citizens may be forced to endure as a result of the city government’s failure to properly address potential problems in advance.

    In all fairness, as mayor, I am the one who should be held accountable for these chaotic circumstances.

    Recognizing the difficulty of the situation, I and the Seoul Metropolitan Government will come up with practical, comprehensive measures to resolve the issue of rush-hour over-crowding as soon as possible.

    These follow-up measures will be implemented along with an increase in the number of subway cars; however, they will not be successful without your cooperation and participation. Thus, I sincerely ask for your understanding and support.

    I also encourage you, if possible, to avoid travelling during the busiest time of the day, from 7 to 9 a.m., and to try and take the regular train rather than the express train.

    In addition, I would also like to ask you to take the free Yeouido-bound express buses and take advantage of the flexible working hour systems offered by your companies.

    Furthermore, the city government will attempt to relieve over-crowding by incorporating a variety of practical measures, such as morning discount fares, flexible operation of express subway trains, and flexible operating guidelines based on the severity of over-crowding.

    Seoul City will make substantial efforts to resolve the issue of over-crowding on Subway Line No. 9, striving to bring comfort to the tired feet of Seoul citizens as soon as possible.

    Seoul citizens, will you join us in this effort?

    To find more information on the free express bus routes and the measures to reduce over-crowding on Subway Line No. 9, visit “Seoul in My Hand,” an integrated online media platform.

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