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Mayor's Hope Journal

  • Money Can’t Buy Everything
    [Mayor’s Hope Journal 593]

  • SMG 1248

    “The goods that people make can be bought, but the people cannot. Thus, we are always concerned about the people.”

    With the strong belief that, against all odds, we can make our lives better, a listening policy debate on “Seoul City’s Basic Plan for Labor Policy” was held yesterday at the new city hall building.

    About 150 people took part in the meeting, including Yoo Jeong-yeop, Policy Director of the Federation of Korean Trade Unions; Kim Hyeon, Vice Chairman of the Korean Confederation of Trade Union Seoul Regional Council; and Kim Jong-hwan, Seoul Regional Director of the Korea Federation of SMEs, who came to provide advice on how to apply the Basic Plan of Labor Policy and solve the various problems faced by laborers at their work sites.

    “With strong determination and conviction, we will march together step-by-step to create a Seoul where people are respected and labor is cherished.”