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  • Do You Need Seoul Mayor Park Won Soon? If You Do, He is More Than Happy to be There!
    [Mayor’s Hope Journal 591]

    SMG 1144
  • Do you need Seoul Mayor Park Won Soon? If you do, he is more than happy to be there!

    When you are in need of the Mayor’s care and attention in communities with isolated citizens or deteriorating workplaces, or if you would like to invite Mayor Park to festivals, performances, or events in your community, please contact us with your stories. He is more than happy to share hope and happiness with all of you.

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  • NAJMAH NAWAWI 09/18/2017 (6:18 오후)

    Hi and good day Mr Mayor Park Won Soon.
    Actually, my friend and I will present research paper at Seoul on 11 and 12 November 2017 on cooperative. So, we decided to have attachment at SMG and others cooperatives situated at Seoul. Can you help us? Tq