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  • Mayor Won-soon Park Visits Paris, France to Attend Climate Change Summit

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    Mayor Won-soon Park Visits Paris, France to Attend Climate Change Summit

    Mayor Won-soon Park made an official visit to Paris, France on December 12, 2017 to attend the One Planet Summit held in Paris, marking the second anniversary of the Paris Agreement.

    This summit was co-sponsored by the French government, the United Nations, and the World Bank, with Mayor Park attending as the district government representative and president of ICLEI, at the invitation of French president Emmanuel Macron and Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo.

    To the extent that Seoul has been leading the way in responding to climate change more than any other city in the world, Mayor Park communicated the importance of the role of local governments as an ambassador of climate change response, informing the world of Seoul’s efforts and achievements.

    In his presentation, Mayor Park emphasized that the most important part of responding to climate change is ‘citizen participation’, and introduced the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s policies for climate change response including the representative ‘One Less Nuclear Power Plant’ and ‘Seoul’s Promise’ policies which are being promoted by the City of Seoul as the core drivers of citizen participation, along with the ‘Promise of Ambitious Cities’ project for spreading ‘Seoul’s Promise’ to Southeast Asian cities.

    To accompany this, also being introduced is the new ‘City of the Sun, Seoul’ project, which was announced in November 2017 with the aim of propagating solar power to the capacity of one nuclear power plant (1GW) via distribution of mini solar packages to 1 million households by 2022. A new investment model was also introduced where citizens invest and share profits, similar to a citizens’ fund.