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  • Seoul’s First Public Arboretum Opens
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Hope Journal 679]

  • Mayor's Hope Journal SMG 3943

    Seoul’s first public arboretum has finally opened.

    On June 10, 22.3 hectares of land within the grounds of Seoul Grand Park, including the greenhouse and botanical garden, was designated as the first public arboretum in Seoul.

    According to the Arboretum Act, a registered arboretum is authorized to list the genetic resources of trees on the “species management system” in order to establish an integrated database and also exchange the genetic resources of trees with other arboretums both at home and abroad. The new arboretum houses a total of 41,989 trees from 1,262 species, including tropical and subtropical species, such as Collinia Elegans, Phoenix Canariensis, and Agave Americana, as well as plants that were moved from Changgyeongwon (garden) and Namsan Botanical Garden.

    Following the Hangdong Arboretum and the Children’s Grand Park Arboretum, the largest arboretum in Asia will open in the Magok area of Seoul in 2017. Good arboretums are an essential part of our city’s infrastructure, guaranteeing a high quality of life for our citizens and securing the status of our nation in the world.