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Mayor's Hope Journal2

  • [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Hope Journal 671] Instead of “Patient No. XX,” We Have Decided to Use the Format “XXth Patient.”

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    Instead of “Patient No. XX,” we have decided to use the format “XXth Patient.” Very rarely in restricted situations, we refer to people by numbers. Since patients confirmed with MERS are no such cases, we have decided to refer to MERS patients in the format of “XXth Patient” in order to clearly indicate the order in which they were confirmed to have been infected and also to protect their privacy.

    The following is a comment posted on my Facebook page.
    It has prompted me to be more cautious and careful every day.

    Dear Mayor,

    What do you think about referring to people who have been in contact with MERS and are under examination as “under observation” or “under examination” rather than “under quarantine”? “Home quarantine” is a scary term, and it feels as if their families and their human rights are threatened. We hope that this outbreak comes to an end before we need to change such terms, but please consider it. Also, I hope that the use of masks is strongly recommended based on consideration for others. I have come up with a few phrases, such as “Your mask and handkerchief are signs of consideration for your family and neighbors.” Thank you for all your hard work!

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