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  • Biodiversity Project
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Hope Journal 650]

  • Mayor's Hope Journal SMG 1695

    It’s difficult for people to live in a city where it’s difficult for animals and insects to live.

    That is why Seoul is pursuing a variety of biodiversity projects.
    One of them is the SOS (Swallow of Seoul) Project.
    It’s exciting to hear that swallows are being spotted in various parts of Seoul. (The picture below shows a swallow seen in Gangseo District.)
    So we have planned to launch the SOS Project in an attempt to attract more swallows back into Seoul. The plan for the project is as follows:

    – Conduct an investigation on the distribution of swallows in Seoul and compile a database in cooperation with the Korea Forest Research Institute and the Korean Ecoclub.
    – Hold ecology education classes and survey citizen participation in order to raise awareness of swallows through a social enterprise (Touch4Good).
    – Hold the “Create Seoul Where Swallows Come” Forum (tentative title).
    – Announce the results of monitoring swallows during the breeding season and hold citizen and expert discussions to come up with measures to protect swallows.
    – Develop measures to protect swallows by creating habitable environments for them (reeds near streams, etc.)

    If you have any better policy ideas, please feel free to post comments!