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Mayor's Hope Journal

  • Moving Boxes on a Rainy Day
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Hope Journal 641]

  • Mayor's Hope Journal SMG 1622

    It definitely was not easy to move boxes on a rainy day, but it was heartening to see a few elderly people smile and hear them say, “It’s good to have work even though it’s raining.”

    “Well, Won Soon does good work,” they said affectionately behind my back. I am 60 this year—old enough to be either their friend or their son.

    I think it’s a good age to understand how the elderly feel.

    I will strive to make Seoul a place where the elderly can work and live in peace and happiness. I will make sure that the elderly are treated fairly, and I will create more jobs for them, not only jobs that require physical labor but skilled labor as well.

    I will also build more stable rental housing for the elderly, so they can live without adding housing to their long list of worries.

    I will also help the elderly live healthier lives by allowing them to balance work and leisure. Just like a back scratching stick you use to get relief in a hard-to-reach spot, Seoul will help people resolve particularly difficult issues.

    You’ve heard that my nickname is “Meticulous Won Soon,” haven’t you?
    Big or small, size doesn’t matter when it’s much-needed work for the elderly. So, I promise to be more meticulous and fastidious regarding this issue.

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