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Mayor's Hope Journal

  • “When Three Men Are Walking, One Is Bound To Be a Teacher”
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Hope Journal 637]

  • Mayor's Hope Journal SMG 1834

    Just like the old saying, “When three men are walking, one is bound to be a teacher,” there are many “teachers” in our lives outside of school.

    My father, for example, who advised me “never to trouble or inconvenience others,”
    and my mother, who taught me to “make sure your friends are eating when you’re eating.”
    And there’s also Ms. Park Sil-gyeong, my third grade teacher who encouraged me to study by continuously complimenting me on the things I did well and answering all my questions, even the silly ones;

    Mr. Jang Won-ho, who always told me I was doing well;
    Mr. Kang Song-sik, who used to give his students allowances from his own salary to encourage them;
    Mr. Jo Young-rae, who began his career in law ten years ahead of me and gave me wisdom and taught me new ways of thinking;
    my daughter, who always tells me to answer the phone with sincerity, no matter who it is and no matter what time it is;
    and, finally, the Seoul citizens who post comments that allow me to learn the hard truths about the issues in Seoul.

    Everyone we meet in the world is a teacher in their own way.
    I will be a mayor who always learns from the citizens.

    I would like to say to all teachers in the world, “Thank you. We love you.”

    Before this day is over, I hope you all make some calls to thank those invaluable teachers you have all encountered in your lives.

    #TeachersDay #ParkWonSoon #Thankyou