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Mayor's Hope Journal

  • If You Could Turn Back Time …
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Hope Journal 634]

  • Mayor's Hope Journal SMG 1681

    If you could turn back time,
    to what time would you like to go?

    I changed my KaFaT (Kakaostory, Facebook, and Twitter) profiles
    to the time I wish to go back to the most—the time when my mother was still alive.

    When I ate, my mother used to say,
    “I’m so glad to see you eat. It makes me feel full just to watch you eat, but you have to make sure that others are eating as well.”

    At the time, I thought she meant I should look out for my friends and family.
    But now, I understand that she meant I needed to care for my neighbors.

    The day she passed away,
    I made the trip from Seoul to the hospital in Busan,
    where she was waiting for me with her eyes open.
    So I was able to stay by her side until the moment she passed.
    It’s still heartbreaking to remember how she thought about her child
    even at her deathbed.

    Before being mayor,
    I was a husband,
    and now, I am a father.
    Still, I would like to turn back time even just a little bit
    to make my mother a nice warm meal,
    and be a more affectionate son.

    All children regret
    not having done more for their parents
    when they were still alive.
    I wish I had gone to see her once more, taken her out to a meal once more, and said something nice to her once more.
    I feel consumed by regret.

    If your parents are still alive,
    go pay them a visit or give them a call.
    Do it every day if you can.

    Before you become a bad son like I was,
    who couldn’t even give his mother a call
    or send her a letter.

    With this understanding, I will serve the father and mothers of Seoul with greater devotion.

    #ParentsDay #ParkWonSoon #Carnation #Regrets