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  • “Enforcement Decree of the Sewol Ferry Special Law” Passed
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Hope Journal 633]

  • Mayor's Hope Journal SMG 1913

    I attended the Cabinet meeting where the “Enforcement Decree of the Sewol Ferry Special Law” was passed, despite the lack of agreement of all parties involved.

    This makes me deeply disappointed and frustrated.

    My statement in opposition of the decree now only remains as a matter of record.
    “How much have we changed since the Sewol Ferry disaster?”

    Although it’s a bit long, please read the new enforcement decree
    and let people know what it really involves,
    as the press has only reported the fact that it was passed.

    On November 19, 2014, the Sewol Ferry Special Law was enacted, and today, the Enforcement Decree of the Sewol Ferry Special Law was put before the Cabinet. However, I believe the victims’ families as well as all Korean citizens are still deeply worried and troubled by the Sewol Ferry tragedy.

    The truth behind the tragedy needs to be ascertained in order to rebuild the State, which the President also said after the Sewol Ferry disaster. To this end, we need to create an enforcement decree that will reveal the truth of the tragedy in accordance with the Special Act.

    Although improvements were made to the original enforcement decree proposed by the government, the investigation is to be carried out by designated government officials, and the subcommittee for the special investigation committee lacks the authority to direct the investigation. Therefore, the people are gravely concerned about the fact that the enforcement decree infringes on and restricts the independence of the committee and the objectivity of the investigation.

    In addition, the people are disappointed and frustrated that the goal of “establishing a safe society” pursued by the Special Act, has been excluded from the enforcement decree.

    The fact that the enforcement decree had been passed without sufficient agreement between the special investigation committee, which has a direct interest in the tragedy and the investigation, is further adding to the concern.

    The Special Act was enacted with the consent of all parties and the trust of Korean citizens, who hope for a new Republic of Korea. Therefore, we need an enforcement decree that allows the special investigation committee to carry out its investigation freely, without unnecessary restrictions, thereby realizing the goal of the Special Act. The government and political circles must remember that they are here to serve our citizens, and therefore must accept the demands of the citizens.

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