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Mayor's Hope Journal

  • Today is Admiral Yi Sun-sin’s Birthday
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Hope Journal 627]

  • Mayor's Hope Journal SMG 1864

    Today is

    the birthday of Admiral Yi Sun-sin, the Duke of Loyalty and Warfare.

    We call Admiral Yi Sun-sin, “Seong-ung,” meaning “great hero,”

    as he devoted his life to fighting for our country in times of crisis.

    Now, 470 years after his birth, we gather at Gwanghwamun Plaza

    and ask him for the wisdom to overcome the crises and challenges we now face.

    Politics that disregard the hearts and minds of the citizens

    and our neighboring country who does not repent its past atrocities

    continue to break our hearts.

    In honor of the Duke of Loyalty and Warfare,

    it’s time for us to collect our composure and “move like the Great Mountain,”

    as Admiral Yi once said.

    #YiSun-sin’sBirthday #YiSun-sin #ParkWonSoon