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Mayor's Hope Journal2

  • [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Hope Journal 626] The Stories We Want and the Stories We Absolutely Need

  • Mayor's Hope Journal2 SMG 1778

    I’ve been thinking that we don’t have enough stories—the stories we want, but especially the stories we absolutely need.

    My fellow citizens, you have always been so kind to answer my desperate requests

    to “spread the word through KaFaT (Kakao Story, Facebook, and Twitter)” or “share (by retweeting, liking, and sharing).”

    Now, I would like to repay you for your efforts.

    KaFaT Friends! Send us your stories:


    Please send us your short but heartwarming stories.

    I’ll share them with over 1.5 million friends and followers on my Kakao Story, Facebook, and Twitter pages.

    We want them all—humorous and touching stories you want to share with the world,

    stories desperately calling for people’s interest and assistance,

    stories of gratitude you would like to share with others, compliments you want to give, programs and events you wish Seoul citizens to participate in, and many more!

    I hope to receive more and more stories, stories that all of us absolutely need. To express my sincere gratitude and repay my KaFaT friends who have responded to my requests and helped me spread my stories, I
    would now like to help spread your stories through my KaFaT friends.

    KaFaT Friends! Send us your stories:


    #KaFaTfriends_send_us_your_story #KaFaTfriends_requests #KaFaTFriends #ParkWonSoon