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Mayor's Hope Journal2

  • [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Hope Journal 622] “Infinite Challenge” to Make Seoul a Great City

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    No matter what it may be, it’s very difficult to continue doing something
    for over ten years.
    Infinite congratulations!

    I read an article about how today marks the ten-year anniversary of Infinite Challenge, one of the most entertaining Korean TV shows, and I remembered participating in the mock preliminary election they held as part of their program last year.

    I’m still keeping who I voted for a secret!!

    My own “infinite challenge” to make Seoul a city

    that realizes its citizens’ dreams,

    instead of the dreams of the mayor,

    will continue!

    PS. As I was writing this, I realized that the preliminary election for the April 29 by-election will be held for two days starting tomorrow. Don’t forget to vote!

    #InfiniteChallenge # ParkWonSoon #YooJae-suk # Preliminaryelection #InfiniteChallengeBirthday