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Mayor's Hope Journal2

  • I Will Be a Neighborly Mayor Who Is a Friend to all Citizens.
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Hope Journal 619]

  • Mayor's Hope Journal2 SMG 2107

    During the weekend following the first anniversary of the Sewol Ferry disaster and the 55th anniversary of the April 19 Revolution, I visited many different places in our city.

    That’s where all problems and answers begin,
    On the streets, out in the real world.

    I listened to the grievances of business owners whose livelihoods have been affected by the project to change the elevated road near Seoul Station into a park. Most of these businesses are textile subsidiary materials companies and apartment industry- and cottage industry-style textile factories.

    Some criticized us harshly, and others lied down in front of traffic. I could not turn my back on such desperate people.

    So I said, “Has any other mayor came all this way to listen to all your troubles? I’m going to stay and listen to every single one of you, even if I have to stay through the night.” And I stayed with them and listened.

    Blocking conversation is as dangerous as blocking a river.

    As I walked, I watched, listened, and worried with the people, looking for similarities rather than differences.

    By focusing on finding similarities and acknowledging differences,
    I will do my best to find optimal solutions.

    I will not avoid the problems that I have heard about and witnessed—the problems that people face every day.

    I will resolve these problems with the people.

    That’s how we do it in Seoul.

    I will be a neighborly, citizen-friendly mayor, always connected and engaged with the people.
    The fire in front of our eyes needs to be extinguished with water, but the “fire” (anger) in our hearts needs to be extinguished with communication.

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