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Mayor's Hope Journal

  • We Are Still on the Sewol Ferry.
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Hope Journal 613]

  • SMG 1044

    Hope shouldn’t wither along with the flowers.
    People’s hope, which lingers like a breeze,
    will blossom into hope for all of us.

    We are sorry. We are truly sorry.
    And I will take the actions I have promised to take.

    We are all still on the Sewol Ferry.
    And we call out to those who are still there with us.

    Teacher Yang Seung-jin,
    Teacher Ko Chang-seok,
    Mr. Kwon Jae-geun and Hyeok-gyu (father and son), and
    Ms. Lee Young-suk,

    #SewolFerry #Seoul #ParkWonSoon #WeWillNotForget #WeWillAct