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  • World’s Cities Adopt the Seoul Declaration to “Reduce Greenhouse Gas”
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Hope Journal 608]

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    We declare that, in the name of Seoul, we will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and lead sustainable development. This “Seoul Declaration” was my first act as the president of the ICLEI.

    And Seoul will be the first to act.

    As the president of the ICLEI and the mayor of the city that hosted the ICLEI World Congress 2015, I would like to extend my gratitude once again regarding the adoption of the Seoul Declaration, which will serve as a touchstone for all cities around the world.

    Here, today, we agreed on our responsibilities regarding climate change and came to a consensus on the greater importance of the roles of cities over those of nations. Furthermore, we announced the Seoul Declaration, which contains greenhouse gas reduction goals for the world and specific action plans for achieving sustainable development.

    If all cities eagerly take part in reducing greenhouse gas emissions in accordance with the Seoul Declaration and the Seoul Action Plan, which will be discussed tomorrow, I believe that we can play a huge role in drawing up an agreement among nations at the UNFCCC’s COP in Paris this December.

    In the first half of 2015, the parties to the UNFCCC are expected to propose greenhouse gas reduction targets that take into account the unique conditions and capabilities of each country.

    And I urge all parties to uphold their commitments.

    Moreover, I believe that cities need to establish long-term reduction goals so that their nations may reach their targets as well.

    With our effort and participation, the principle of sustainable development written in the Seoul Declaration will act as a compass for sustainable cities in the future.
    In addition, continuing the in-depth discussion presented at the UN Climate Summit held in September last year, we will discuss the role of cities more specifically at the Mayors Forum, which will be attended by citizens of nations around the world.

    At the Mayors Forum, I hope that we can discuss specific means of realizing the Seoul Declaration and announce the Seoul Action Plan.

    In an effort to aid the realization of the Seoul Declaration, we will present the “Seoul Pledge,” which is the commitment of the ten million citizens of Seoul to address climate change.

    Gathering together the will of the mayors of cities around the world, I once again would like to call upon the nations at UNFCCC COP 21 to agree on the New Climate Regime.

    I am certain that the desires, expectations, and passionate efforts of all of us gathered here today will result in substantial achievements.

    Also, I hope that the results of the ICLEI World Congress in Seoul will spread throughout the world, so that when we meet again in three years, people all around the world will be able to agree that the cities that we live in are no longer the cause of global warming but “rescue teams” working to save the Earth.

    Once again, I hope that mayors of cities around the world will actively implement the measures proposed by the Seoul Declaration, and I pray that they report the results of those measures to the Congress.

    Thank you.

    YTN Live Video Clip of the Announcement of the Seoul Declaration



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