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  • Jomunbo
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Hope Journal 579]

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    What is Jomunbo?

    People go to funerals to offer their respects for someone who has passed away. Yet, in many cases, we don’t know what kind of life the deceased had led, especially when the deceased is a parent of a friend or a colleague.

    To address this, a social enterprise called Silver Plan decided to create “Jomunbo,” a pamphlet containing information about the life of deceased individuals that can be distributed at funerals.

    Furthermore, Silver Plan helps the elderly record their own lives and create their autobiographies. Our parents have experienced all kinds of hardship throughout their lives, and I believe their lives are worth recording.

    I suggested that this project be made available online on a website. We can make PowerPoint files or videos of our parents while they are alive and use these at their funerals, and can even post them online for the whole family to see. My parents have already passed away, and I have no videos or photographs of them. As these recordings accumulate, the website will become a huge repository of lives—like a museum. It has the potential to be a profitable business as well. I’m thinking about doing it after I’ve completed my term as mayor, but if anyone feels up for it, please try it out before I do.