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  • Humane labor Standards a Priority.
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Hope Journal 578]

  • Mayor's Hope Journal SMG 1341

    The Seoul Citizens’ Labor Rights Notebook is now here!

    Labor rights are fundamental rights guaranteed by our constitution. Yet in the Republic of Korea today, a large number of irregular workers, discrimination against women, and a lack of worker’s rights for teens are prevalent.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government is doing its best to institute ordinances and other systemic changes, take administrative measures, and wisely allocate its budget. Examples of the measures being taken by the government include converting all irregular workers at the Seoul Metropolitan Government and affiliated organizations into regular workers, prohibiting all forms of discrimination against women and instituting a gender sensitive budget system, guaranteeing flexible work arrangements and working from home, establishing guidelines for part-time working youths, announcing direct employment of workers at Dasan 120 Call Center, implementing the labor-board member system and Labor and Management Association, and establishing a Labor Policy Department and labor ombudsman.

    We will do our best to ensure humane labor standards.