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  • “Housing Transactions for Dummies”
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Hope Journal 575]

  • Mayor's Hope Journal SMG 1448

    We are going through tough times these days.

    Although salaries have been stagnant, housing deposits have been increasing constantly. When we have to move, from time to time, we feel like getting a loan and buying a house, but the monthly payments on the interest rates make it harder for us to do so. Even if we manage to find a suitable house, we still have to grapple with many more problems, including mortgage loans, contracts, etc.

    In light of this situation, “Housing Transactions for Dummies,” published by the Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG), will enable you to find a house and sign a contract easily. For more detailed information, please visit the MediaHub website.

    When the dates of moving-out and moving-in do not match and deposit money, with or without a monthly rental payment, is urgently needed, the Seoul City Deposit and Monthly Rent Support Center is the place to go. The center is a one-stop service provider that offers a wide range of services related to housing leases, including lease counsel, support for deposit money with or without a monthly rental payment, conflict arbitration, legal counsel, etc.

    The SMG aims to provide 80,000 public rental houses by 2018. Even so, the SMG will make every effort to address the declining demand for housing in every possible way.