Think about Those Who Will Spend the Cold Winter without a Place to Call Home…
[Mayor Park Won Soon’s Hope Journal 568]

Thinking about those who will have to spend this cold winter without a place to call home, I paid a visit to the dosshouse town in Dongja-dong.

Do you know where the place in the picture is located?

It’s a place you think more of when it gets cold.

Everyone has some kind of a memory here with his or her parents.

It’s a place where you become more honest.

Can you guess where it is?

Today, we were all there, fully clothed.

This place, a bathhouse no longer in use, was turned into a great meeting place for the residents.

If you think outside the box, your life can change.

Now that the popular Korean drama “Misaeng” (Incomplete Life) is over, I hope that you spend this weekend looking in on your neighbors.

Paths exist for us all to walk forward and to look around ourselves.