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Mayor's Hope Journal

  • Presents from Santa-for-the-Day
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Hope Journal 567]

  • Mayor's Hope Journal SMG 1478

    I put on a Santa costume and paid surprise visits to Seoul residents currently experiencing many difficulties in this freezing cold weather.
    I went to Gwanak Residents’ Association, an organization that has consistently helped better the lives of the district residents. Along with 100 citizen Santas, I delivered gifts of rice and other necessities to the elderly living alone.

    This program wasn’t simply the one-off delivery of presents, but rather, the people in the program became family members of the elderly by continuously providing support and forming a relationship with them. Indeed, it was like a “birth of a family.”

    For this winter, I plan to continue inspecting the lives of our citizens, until the 25th, to personally meet with low-double income families and Seoul citizens with a disability, listen to their hardships, and come up with ways to make improvements in their lives.