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  • Top Prize at “2014 Manifesto Promise Awards”!
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Hope Journal 541]

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    I heard that I was selected as the regional governor who had realized most of his pledges made during the June 4 regional elections.

    They told me that “Mayor Park Won Soon” was chosen for the top prize in the “Campaign Pledge” category at the awards ceremony for the 2014 Manifesto Promise Awards.

    “Mayor Park Won Soon has a deep understanding of the local issues and suggests policy responses to deal with these issues,” explained an official from the Korea Manifesto Center, regarding the reason I had received the top prize. The official continued by saying, “All of his pledges are systematically organized based on his vision of transforming Seoul into a ‘people-centered’ city, where the lives and safety of the citizens are the highest priority. In particular, he was the only mayoral candidate of a metropolitan city to state the final goals, timelines, expected budget, procurement, and implementation procedures in his campaign pledges.”

    But keeping these promises is even more important. The Seoul Metropolitan Government had also topped the list in the pledge implementation assessment conducted by the Good Law, for the 5th term of the mayor elected by popular vote, and also was rated A in terms of pledge implementation as assessed by the Korea Manifesto Center. I promise to make good pledges and to see them through!