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  • Seoul receives C40 & Siemens Award
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Hope Journal 540]

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    During my visit to the United States, Seoul received the C40 & Siemens City Climate Leadership Award, on September 22, in recognition of our solar power policy.

    The award ceremony that was held at the Manhattan Center, in New York, was hosted by C40, a global network of large cities taking action to address climate change, and Siemens. The inaugural awards ceremony began last year and since then awards have been given in ten categories, annually.

    The solar power service in Seoul is part of Seoul’s project to reduce the number of nuclear power plants. Under this policy, Seoul is attempting to become a “solar city” where solar power plants can be seen everywhere. Making use of unused and underused spaces in public facilities, the city induced KRW 63.5 billion of private investment to install 23 MW solar power plants, in 28 locations, over the last three years. Also, Seoul adopted a feed-in tariff system for businesses consuming less than 50 kW and provided them with financial support of KRW 104 million for 89 power plants.

    Furthermore, the Seoul Metropolitan Government pursued the installation of citizen-participatory solar power plants through project loans from the Climate Change Fund (1.75%), making a “sunlight map” distribution plan for the public, mini solar power plants for apartment buildings, and providing support for cooperatives and energy independent neighborhoods.

    We’ll continue to do our best to make Seoul a solar city!