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Mayor's Hope Journal

  • Seoul City Hall Open House
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Hope Journal 532]

  • Mayor's Hope Journal SMG 1290


    Looks fun, doesn’t it? Children were especially interested in it.

    Two days ago, many of our citizens visited the mayor’s office on the occasion of the Seoul City Hall Open House. So I took them on a tour of my office. Here, the efforts for my dream and vision of making Seoul into a global city are bearing fruit! Yes, even ten hours is a short time, and though they only gave me twenty minutes, we still had a great time!

    On this day, the Seoul Metropolitan Government opened up the whole city hall, including the mayor’s office, the new city hall, and the old city hall to every citizen, except for those few places under security maintenance. A while ago, I’d seen an event called “Open House New York,” and I wanted to do it in Seoul too. So through this event, we are opening up places, such as foreign embassies, for our citizens to visit and enjoy!