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Mayor's Hope Journal

  • Promises are precious
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Hope Journal 515]

  • Mayor's Hope Journal SMG 1075

    Are you on your way home from work?
    If you are, allow me to share the following thoughts.

    Where did all the banners go?
    Where did all those promises go?

    A pledge is a promise in its truest form.
    A banner with a pledge inscribed on it is a symbol of a promise, and therefore should not be thrown out.
    Promises must always be kept.

    As a sign of my determination to keep my promises,
    the banners from my campaign have been transformed.

    Can you believe that the colorful tote bags I’m holding in the photo are made out of those banners?

    They say that only a limited number will be made. Please hurry!

    Good Funding: http://bit.ly/1qE3HKH
    Seoul Promise Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/seoulpromise

    P.S. If you inform me of any events that have been planned for public interest purposes, I will share them on KaFaTw (an abbreviation of Kakao Story, Facebook, and Twitter).
    Mayor Park’s KaFaTw is open to all the residents of Seoul.