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Mayor's Hope Journal

  • “Stray Strong, Baby Boomers!”
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Hope Journal 477]

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    0627_42 I’m also a baby boomer. Recently, I wrote a letter to my friend K, who has been worrying about supporting his parents and paying his children’s tuition. Dear K,
    “You and your Tayo Bus… My grandson asks me every day to let him ride the Tayo Bus, you know. You’ve got to get some Tayo Buses running in our town, too.”
    That’s what you half-jokingly said to me when I saw you a few days ago. I keep thinking about our time together and I feel sorry, since I know you’ve had a lot on your mind since your retirement.
    It’s been awhile since we saw each other.
    We used to hang out every day when we were little. Then we moved to Seoul to look for jobs and started working, got married, and had children. Now, we’ve gotten old, becoming grandfathers already. (Excerpt)

    It’s not easy getting old. Stay strong, baby boomers!

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