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Mayor's Hope Journal

  • “With the Custodians of Seoul City Hall”
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Hope Journal 474]

  • Mayor's Hope Journal SMG 1734

    What do you think? We work together pretty well, don’t we?

    A few days ago, I spent some time working with the custodians who always keep Seoul City Hall so nice and clean. They told me that we needed to stand in a line to mop the floor to clean the huge auditorium. After wiping all the chairs, you also have to clean the bathrooms. Cleaning starts at 5:00 in the morning and ends before other people get to work.

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    Since they start their work so early, these dedicated custodians have to take the first train or bus to work. Unlike many of the other people who ride the early buses and trains, the custodians of Seoul City Hall have regular, steady jobs with benefits, so they are often the envy of the other early morning workers. Even so, there are always things that need improvement. “Let us use the gym after work. Can you hold computer or humanities lectures for us after work?” These were some of the requests made by our valued custodians at the meeting I had with them. Of course, we will work hard to try to fulfill every request and meet every need. No matter if you’re the mayor or a custodian, everyone, is important. Much like we need all the parts of our body to live, each person is necessary for City Hall to function. After all, we’re all one big team, aren’t we? It was a great experience!

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