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  • “A shift in perspective is the start of a new creation”
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Hope Journal 470 ]

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    Many people “liked” the message I posted on Facebook last night and even left comments.
    The press picked up the story, making reference to my post.

    In my post, I mentioned Mr. Lim, who suggested instituting Tayo Buses and the CEO of Donga Transportation. I also gave a warning to politicians who needlessly make an issue of the “originality and origin” of Tayo and look down on kids who enjoy riding the Tayo buses.

    The animation “Tayo the Little Bus” was produced during my predecessor’s term. “Tayo the Little Bus” was able to come to life in the real world thanks to a suggestion made by a citizen in September of last year and the initiative of the CEO of Donga Transportation.

    That was how “Tayo Bus” began.

    I never claimed to have created Tayo Bus. Tayo Bus was made by the citizens of Seoul. I don’t want to even allude to something that is our citizens’ as if it were mine.

    I hope that this can put an end to the exhaustive debate on the subject.

    When Columbus broke the egg to make it stand on its tip, it was a groundbreaking idea.

    “A shift in perspective is the start of a new creation.”

    The citizen who, out of his love for the cartoon, thought that it would be great if Tayo Buses could exist in real life is much like Columbus.

    Listening and communicating is the starting point for creating. In the same way, creative economy doesn’t just fall from the sky.

    It begins with trying to resolve issues by looking at them from different perspectives. Seoul Metropolitan Government’s creative economy that was announced today is a product of diverse perspectives, marked by convergent and comprehensive thinking.

    Creative solutions involve respecting traditional methods used in the past, and making bold steps towards the future.

    It is the power of collective thinking, as can be seen in Linux and Chrome.

    More than anyone else,

    I would like to thank Mr. Lim, the “original” person who suggested bringing “Tayo Buses” to life and the creators of “Tayo the Little Bus” at Iconix Entertainment.

    I will always root for designers, animators, and other visionaries who painstaking work towards new creations.

    After seeing your love for the Tayo buses, I am inspired to work harder to make Seoul an even happier and more exciting city.

    Thank you for reading this message.