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  • Yongsan Park
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Hope Journal 463]

  • Mayor's Hope Journal SMG 1252

    Yesterday I stopped by Yongsan Park.

    The surrounding area is still being used as a US army base. Yesterday, I saw children and families spending time in the park. As I was walking around, I smelled something horrible, so I asked people where the smell was coming from. People told me it was coming from the US army waste disposal site that was located nearby. I asked one of the officials at the Seoul Metropolitan Government to try to reach an agreement with the US army to move the site or, at the very least, have someone take care of the garbage.

    When the US army base reverts back to us in the future, it will be refurbished and integrated into Yongsan Park for our citizens’ enjoyment. There are still a number of relics and structures there from the Joseon Dynasty, the Japanese colonial period, and early modern Korea that would definitely need to be registered as UNESCO Cultural Heritages. With the addition of land from the current base, Yongsan Park will be turned into an even better park than Central Park in New York City. I’m very excited just at the thought of it!