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  • “Park Won Soon”
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Hope Journal 449]

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    “Park Won Soon”
    Park Gil Bo and Roh Eul Seok’s son.
    Park Soon Nyeo’s younger brother.
    Park Joo Shin and Park Da In’s father.
    Kang Nan Hee’s husband.

    These are the different titles that I have.
    Everyone is called by titles that are defined by their relationships, and such social titles come with certain responsibilities.

    “Zero Tolerance,” “Park Won Soon Has Changed”
    These are some headlines of recent news articles.
    Yes, I’ve changed, and I am going to continue to change.
    Mercy and forgiveness are meaningful only when they are deserved.
    I am fully prepared to receive any suggestions or criticism regarding my administration, no matter how harsh. I’ve often listened to people criticize me, and I’ve always let them finish, even at rallies and demonstrations where people held up signs that said, “Park Won Soon, Get Out!”
    However, as a father, I can no longer ignore these emails and text messages that contain false and fabricated information about my son.
    Because his father is the mayor, my son could not even invite his friends to his wedding, which is a once in a lifetime event. Even when he was fulfilling his civil service responsibilities, he was nervous about receiving medical treatment because he felt everyone watching him.

    Before the mayor of Seoul, I am the head of my family. As such, I can no longer turn away from their suffering. From this time forward, I will take a zero tolerance approach and strong legal action against those who are fabricating and spreading false information about my family.
    Spreading false information is a serious offense that spoils clean elections and inflicts tremendous pain on the persons involved as well as their family. So, please report any text messages, emails, or letters containing false information to the Seoul Election Commission immediately (02-744-1390, Seoul Election Commission).
    On March 18, I reported Lee and another unidentified person to the Seoul Election Commission for spreading false information through letters, email, and text messages.
    Lee sent certified mail to about 70 people, including President Park Geun-hye, and over 20,000 emails, falsely accusing my son of illegally dodging the mandatory military service. An unidentified person has also sent a mass text message containing false rumors about me.
    The issue of my son’s military service has been cleared up through a number of investigations by prosecutors and the police. Yet the fact that false rumors are still being spread only makes it clear that these people have an ulterior motive. They hope to influence the results of regional elections.
    From now on, I will take all possible legal action in civil and criminal court by filing suits for slander and violation of not only the Public Official Election Act but also the Medical Service Act and Personal Information Protection Act as well as claims for damages.
    Yet, I have not changed in my position as the mayor of Seoul. I will continue to do my best to realize my dream of becoming the first mayor to stand on the side of the people, to change people’s lives for the better.
    Any parent would sympathize with the mother, Kim Soo-hyun, in the Korean drama “God’s Gift”.
    I am also a father before I am a mayor.