Mayor's Hope Journal

  • Complementary Measures for the Semi-public Operation of Intra-city Buses
    [Mayor Park Won Soon's Hope Journal 321]

    SMG 2004
  • Seoul Metropolitan Government announced innovative complementary measures for the semi-public operation of intra-city buses. Under the new system, bus drivers will be recruited through an open competition. Other items demanded by the people for improved bus service will be taken care of as well. They include: minimum guidelines for hiring bus mechanics; integrated accumulation of retirement allowances, improved management of spare buses, etc.
    The procedure for the recruitment of intra-city bus drivers will be managed transparently and fairly. We will have the 66 intra-city bus companies follow said procedure. We will also set guidelines for the bus companies’ hiring of mechanics, bus maintenance, and working conditions for bus drivers. From now on, employees of bus companies will receive their retirement allowances regardless of their companies’ management status. 
    Concerning spare buses, we will have bus companies maintain a proper number (4%), and we will adopt a new system for the provision of financial support for bus companies based on a proper number. Through the proper handling of business for 256 spare buses, we can save 11.8 billion won a year. 
    Finally, we will amend the existing agreement on the semi-public operation of intra-city buses, which was signed in 2004, since the agreement is deemed to have failed to reflect the current status of things. 
    We at Seoul Metropolitan Government will finish overhauling the relevant regulations concerning intra-city buses within this year after coming up with complementary steps within this month, discussing them with bus companies, and going through deliberation at the Bus Policy-Related Citizen Committee.
    True, the system for the semi-public operation of intra-city buses has contributed considerably to the enhancement of quality of public transportation service. Nonetheless, it has been pointed out that matters such as recruitment of drivers or mechanics or safety management need to be improved. 
    We at Seoul Metropolitan Government will continue to make innovative efforts to make intra-city buses truly serve the interests of the people.