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Mayor's Hope Journal

  • Have You Finished Gimjang?
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Hope Journal 319]

  • Mayor's Hope Journal SMG 1797
    Have you finished gimjang (preparing kimchi for the winter)?  I heard you can do gimjang at 10% less cost using the stuff sold at traditional markets.

    Today (November 19), Seoul Metropolitan Government announced a comprehensive plan for the reinvigoration of traditional markets. The most noticeable feature of the plan is that it will be promoted through joint efforts made by storeowners, Seoul Metropolitan Government, and autonomous district offices. The key actors are the storeowners, who expressed their willingness to improve the quality of their service, receive consulting from management experts, and build friendship with local residents. 
    In the past, support for traditional markets used to be provided in the form of financial support or provision of business spaces; now, however, we focus on ideas on how to make their businesses prosper. A side dish store in Sineungam Market is so popular that even people from faraway Gangnam place orders for the delivery of foodstuff. I heard that the store got to be so successful because the storeowner listened to the advice provided by a market doctor service. He developed hit products with the help of a management expert and came up with a unique marketing method. Seoul Metropolitan Government will focus on the provision of such market doctor and marketing management service. 

    We will encourage storeowners at traditional markets to adopt the credit card system for consumers’ convenience. We will also have the Seoul Metropolitan Government Research Institute of Public Health and Environment conduct periodic hygiene checkup there. Besides, we will provide support for many young people to open businesses at traditional markets and take measures that will help traditional markets play a central role in the local economy in cooperation with social enterprises, cooperatives, and village enterprises. 

    The invigoration of traditional markets will energize the local market, which will help consumers purchase good-quality goods at reasonable prices. Please join in the efforts.