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    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Hope Journal 317]

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    Please use my KAFAT (Kakao story, Facebook, Twitter) if you have stories that you’d like to share with others. Today, I will introduce a story sent by the YMCA Grassroots People Supporters. They are hidden heroes engaged in activities designed to help young people regain their rights.
    Your simple act of distributing the story to others will cheer them up.
    Dear young people, including college students
    Do you think you are receiving fair treatment while working part-time?
    There are many cases of unfair treatment of part-timers such as the following: mandatory minimum wage not paid during the probation period; allowance not paid for weekly holiday; overtime allowance not paid for night work, and; inability to ask for an employment contract.
    We, the YMCA Grassroots People Supporters, made a film to improve the working conditions of young part-timers. Last September, Seoul Metropolitan Government announced the Bill of Rights for the Protection of Young Part-Timers. Note, however, that many people are in the dark about it. We hope that this film will help many young people regain their rights with regard to employment.
    We engage in the following activities: campaign designed to improve contractor-subcontractor relations; stage play designed to help senior citizens avoid incurring loss; educational session held at schools to help young people avoid receiving unfair treatment as part-timers, and; production of contents designed to prevent people from being conned due to naiveté, etc.
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