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Mayor's Hope Journal2

  • Comprehensive Measures for Winter
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Hope Journal 312]

  • Mayor's Hope Journal2 SMG 1974
    It is getting colder. Winter seems to be just around the corner. We at Seoul Metropolitan Government have launched comprehensive measures for winter to help people spend winter comfortably and safely. We will operate the Disaster Prevention Center from November 15, 2013 to March 15, 2014 to prepare against the cold wave and heavy snow in close cooperation with the relevant agencies.
    According to the long-term weather forecast, it will be very cold this winter; thus, our measures for winter will focus on the removal of snow from roads, provision of support for the less privileged (particularly senior citizens living alone, homeless, and children with not enough food to eat) households, fire prevention, safety management of facilities, health/hygiene management, and removal of inconvenience in people’s everyday lives.  
    Details of the measures to be taken include: ① Increasing the number of snow removal vehicles from 75 to 87, increasing the number of calcium chloride sprinkling devices from 9 to 12; ② Raising the amount of financial support for the preparation of kimchi for winter at facilities for the handicapped (from 6,500 won to 7,000 won per person); ③ Subsidy of fuel expense for low-income households, and; ④ Pre-warning for the freezing of tap water faucets. 
    Equipment and devices will be ready for prompt snow removal from roads in case of heavy snow. Fire prevention-related special investigation will be carried out on 10,493 places designated as vulnerable to large-scale fire. The need for hygiene management will be stressed concerning the possibility of spread of winter epidemic diseases. Steps will be taken to get rid of mosquito larvae in poodles and septic tanks.
    Antifreeze water meters will be supplied to 78,100 households, and water meter cases will be replaced with improved ones in 17,200 households. Gas and other heating supply facilities will be examined in advance. Fuel coupons will be provided to 3,000-plus low-income households. 
    Right after my inauguration as Mayor of Seoul, I announced, “Not single person should be left to die of hunger or sleep in a heatless place under my term.” I will renew that resolve this winter.