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Mayor's Hope Journal

  • Communication with the People
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Hope Journal 308]

  • Mayor's Hope Journal SMG 1487
    Ever since my inauguration as Mayor of Seoul, I have made communication with the people my first priority, guided by the belief that communication with them is the starting point in encouraging people’s participation in administrative affairs run by Seoul Metropolitan Government.
    The easiest way for communicating with people is social media. The number of my followers in cacao story (44,381), Facebook (189,693), and Twitter (752,386) reached 986,460. According to the relevant records, I have posted a total of 12,612 matters on Twitter (10,458), Facebook (1,996), and Kakao story (158). The number of cases of re-tweeting was pegged at 352,313 (Twitter: 299,117; Facebook: 12,094; cacao story: 7,730).
    The case that has gotten the hottest response among those posted was my message dated December 18, 2012 encouraging young people to vote in the last Presidential election. A total of 25,061 responded favorably. In cacao story, my article on weekend subway ride dated September 7, 2013 appears to have received the most attention with 6,222 responses. The number of opinions and appeals submitted to my SMC account (@wonsoonpark) reached 16,664. 
    Thank you for being my friends. I will continue to strive to communicate with as many people as possible.