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Mayor's Hope Journal2

  • Child Care Centers
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Hope Journal 306]

  • Mayor's Hope Journal2 SMG 1620
    For the past 2 years, Seoul Metropolitan Government increased the number of public child care centers by 212. At least 73% (155 centers) are cost-saving types that utilize idle spaces provided by businesses, religious organizations, schools, and individuals. It helped Seoul Metropolitan Government provide 32 centers more than the original plan and save 250 billion won of the budget.
    As a result of increasing the number of child care centers, 13,000-plus infants and toddlers could be additionally accommodated. Out of the 423 dongs in Seoul, the number of those without a child care center (excluding those without such need, like Myeong-dong and Sogong-dong) has been reduced from 37 to 16. The number of those with only 1 child care center has been reduced from 211 to 140 over the past 2 years.
    One noteworthy thing is that, under the agreement made with Samsung C&T, child care facilities established within the newly built Remian apartments will be leased free to the relevant district office as public child care centers, with Seoul Metropolitan Government providing equipment and devices to them. If the private sector takes part in such scheme more positively, it will lay the basis for the increase of public child care centers at lower costs.
    Considering the fact that it costs about 2 ~ 3 billion won to build a new child care center, the aforesaid method will help Seoul Metropolitan Government save budget to a drastic extent. Said method is particularly a good alternative, since it is difficult to find land suitable for building such a center in Seoul. 
    We at Seoul Metropolitan Government plan to increase the number of child care centers by more than 100 in 2014 to have each dong equipped with at least two of such centers.
    We will also strive to enhance the quality of operation of such centers in cooperation with the relevant social cooperatives.