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  • Potholes
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Hope Journal 304]

  • Mayor's Hope Journal SMG 1455

    We at Seoul Metropolitan Government announced the 10-item guidelines for the minimization of potholes, which are said to be landmines of roads. By the end of October 2013, the number of newly found potholes on the roads in Seoul Metropolitan Government stood at 71,128, compared to 41,313 in the entire 2012.

    The traffic volume on roads in Seoul is about 5 ~ 8 times higher than ordinary highways. Heavy rainfall or snow also serves as a factor that causes potholes on roads.

    Over the past 6 years, the amount paid by Seoul Metropolitan Government as compensation for pothole-related accidents reached 2,365 million won for 1,745 accidents. The following guidelines are designed for the enhancement of durability and proper quality management of pavements in Seoul:

    ① Safe driving – Early detection of potholes by using the sensor/camera attached to buses for emergency repair
    ② Stringent site management – adoption of the Seoul City-type asphalt quality management system, including extension of after-work service by 2 ~ 4 years
    ③ Firsthand management of the 136,472 manholes
    ④ Scientific handling of roads – Establishment of the Seoul -type, hi-tech road management system
    ⑤ “One strike out” – stringent restriction on breaching businesses’ participation in project bidding
    ⑥ Provision of information on road-paving work in Seoul on the Seoul Metropolitan Government homepage (beginning 2014)
    ⑦ Prevention as the best policy – Crackdown on overloaded vehicles; minimization of road excavation
    ⑧ Strengthening safety management
    ⑨ Turning the relevant public officials into professionals
    ⑩ Forging an alliance with the US Army Corps of Engineering for the improvement of road paving technology

    Furthermore, Seoul Metropolitan Government will increase the number of emergency repair teams from 8 to 28 for the prompt repair of potholes. Seoul Metropolitan Government will also develop Seoul-Type Road Paving Design methods on a long-term basis considering the traffic volume, climate conditions, and road conditions while managing manholes/covers firsthand and repairing 7,288 poor-quality manholes/covers.

    We will do our best to keep the roads in the city in good condition.