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Mayor's Hope Journal

  • Efforts to Prevent Human-Caused Disasters
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Hope Journal 279]

  • Mayor's Hope Journal SMG 1554

    I can never forget the accident that occurred at the jobsite of the Noryangjindaegyo-Banghwadaegyo (Bridge) last summer. My sorrow for those who lost their lives due to the accident is beyond description. I have new resolve to take every opportunity to not let such an accident happen again.

    We have organized a task force to determine ways for the prevention of human-caused disasters. On October 8, the task force announced measures for the prevention of safety accidents at construction jobsites based on its review so far.

    Most commonly, such an accident happens due to the failure to comply with safety regulations. Thus, the core of the measures announced by the task force is to ensure that safety regulations are met, and that safety should be put before anything else.

    Going forward, those in charge of supervision of construction work will be disciplined and supervision firms will be given the right to stop the work if safety regulations are not met.

    The next measure taken is to have the public official in charge review all shop drawings and work plans to ensure appropriateness and accuracy, rather than leaving it to the teams of supervisors.

    Under the new measure, a safety expert should remain on a large-scale work site for projects whose value comes to at least 20 billion won, with the relevant expenses to be borne by the city of Seoul.

    A construction business caught for poor safety management will be barred from entering a bidding carried out by Seoul. Records of violation of safety management or poor workmanship will be reflected in the process of prequalifying businesses eligible for participation in a bidding for a given period of time.

    The subcontracting system will also be improved to protect subcontractors, prevent safety accidents and enhance the quality of contractual work. Concerning a project whose amount comes to less than 5 billion won, the ratio of the work to be assumed by the prime contractor will be made at least 50% to give prime contractors a stronger sense of responsibility. Seoul Metropolitan Government officials will check to see whether regulations and principles are complied with at each stage of construction work, including design, contractual work, and supervision.

    At the Seoul Metropolitan Government, we will discuss the matter with those at the central Government to see to it that the said measures will be taken at all levels, and not just at the construction jobsites carried out under Seoul’s responsibility.