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  • The Reality Check of Part-time Workers by the Ministry of Employment and Labor in 2012
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Hope Journal 269]

  • Mayor's Hope Journal SMG 1525

    The reality check of part-time workers made by the Ministry of Employment and Labor in 2012 shows that a total of 789 workplaces (85.8%) out of the 919 surveyed were in violation of labor-related laws by not fulfilling the obligations concerning disclosure of working conditions or minimum wage paid. Another report on 2,851 young part-timers carried out in January 2012 tells us that they experienced violence (including violent language) (23.3%) or sexual harassment (6%).

    The memory of one’s first job in their lifetime usually remains vivid for years afterwards. Needless to say, the first experience at a job should be a happy one and give a person a sense of accomplishment. All adults should share in the responsibility to ensure that young people are happy in their first job and that they have bright hope for their future.

    In this regard, the city of Seoul announced the Bill of Rights for Young Part-Timers that stipulates appropriate wage and proper treatment for part-timers and guarantees young people’s rights to achieve self pride and learn the importance of labor in a safe working environment, along with employers’ obligations and Seoul’s responsibility to ensure it. The said Bill of Rights contains the wish to improve working conditions for young people so that their first job in life may be a happy experience.

    This Bill of Rights is composed of 26 clauses, i.e. 8 clauses about part-time workers’ rights, 12 clauses about employers’ obligations, and 6 clauses about the city of Seoul’s responsibility. We at the city of Seoul will see to it that the Bill of Rights should not be a mere announcement, but a measure that employers will regard as normal and consistent behavior toward part-timers.

    The Bill of Rights contains clauses for part-time workers’ rights, such as ▲ guarantee of minimum wage, ▲ observance of work hours, ▲ break, ▲ payment of overtime, ▲ protection from unfair treatment. Employers’ obligations stipulated in the said Bill of Rights include ▲ no delay in wage payment, ▲ treatment of part-time workers as decent humans, and ▲ keeping the text of Bill of Rights available in workplaces. Concerning the city of Seoul’s responsibility, it points to: ▲ operation of a council designed to protect part-timers’ rights, ▲ fostering a fair and reasonable workplace environment, ▲ publicizing exemplary workplaces, and ▲ provision of administrative support.

    For more effective execution of the Bill of Rights, the city of Seoul signed an agreement with a total of ten franchised businesses, youth organizations, and relevant associations of employers. They include: ▲ BR Korea, ▲ Lotteria, ▲ Caffe Bene, ▲ Korea Seven, ▲ Paris Croissants, ▲ the Korea Food Service Industry Association, ▲ the Korea internet/PC Association, Part-time portal, the Youth Community Union, and the Seoul Office of Education.

    At Seoul Metropolitan Government, we will do everything we can to improve society and foster a better work environment. We would like all people and businesses to join in our efforts to ensure that young people enjoy their rights as employees.