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  • Operation of More Late Night Buses
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Hope Journal 250]

  • Mayor's Hope Journal SMG 1468

    Seoul Metropolitan Government has operated late night bus services along two routes on a trial basis over the past three months. Some 220,000 people used the buses, of whom an absolute majority (88%) favored the expansion of the routes. As such, seven new routes will be added to the list of late-night bus services. The late-night buses will be named Owl Buses.

    The new routes are as follows: N13 (Sanggye-dong – Songpa Bus Garage); N16 (Dobongsan Bus Garage – Onsu-dong); N61 (Yangcheon Bus Garage – Nowon Station); N62 (Yangcheon Bus Garage – Myeonmok-dong); N10 (Ui-dong-Seoul Station); N30 (Gangdong Bus Garage – Seoul Station); and N40 (Bangbae-dong – Seoul Station).

    Concerning the numbering of the buses, taking N16 as an example, the “N” indicates a late- night bus, the first number “1” refers to Dobong-gu (the starting point), and the second number “6” to Guro-gu (the destination).

    The seven new routes were fixed based on the 3 billion cases of relevant phone data, which showed that young people like to gather mainly in Gangnam, Hongdae, Dongdaemun, Sillim and Jongno late at night. The routes are arranged to spread out like the spokes of a bicycle wheel, with Jongro and Gwanhwamun as the hub. As for the long routes, buses will start simultaneously at each end of the line. Passengers can change buses at Seoul Station, Dongdaemun, Jongno or Gangnam Station. The exiting bus fare discount system applies to late-night buses.

    The fare was set at 1,050 won during the trial period. As of September 12, the fare is set at 1,850 won (based on card users). You can check the information on late-night bus operation, including arrival times, using an App, Mobile Web or Internet Home Page in real time.

    Extra safety measures were taken in consideration of the services being run late at night. All buses are equipped with a speed prevention device, while the drivers’ seats are arranged so as to prevent reckless passengers from harming the drivers. Late-night bus drivers are not allowed to be assigned to another service during the day.

    The ‘Owl’ brand for the late-night buses was selected by an open competition in June.

    The late-night bus service was selected as one of the ten best policies adopted by Seoul Metropolitan Government in the first half of the year in a public vote, and was recommended as a summer night tour course by the Korea Trade Organization (KTO).