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  • Bukhansan (Mountain) Walking Trail
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Hope Journal 246]

  • Mayor's Hope Journal SMG 1423

    Last Saturday and Sunday, I went for a walk along a section of the 71.5 km-long walking trail around Bukhansan (Mountain), and about six weeks ago, I walked along another section of the walking trail for a day and a half. So, with one more day’s walk, I will have covered the entire walking trail.

    I once walked along the Seoul City Wall surrounding Seoul. A visit to these sites helped me formulate the relevant policy ideas, including the registration of the walls as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, rearrangement of the hiking trails, redevelopment of villages located close to the walls, and the establishment of Seoul City Wall Division, a research institute, and a museum.

    As I was walking along the walking trail, I saw there was a need to make a new path leading to a trunk road, as well as to provide information boards about the mountain and improve the overall appearance of the tombs of King Yeonsan and Prince Jeongeui (King Sejo’s sister).

    I was dismayed to see very few people on the mountain trail. Investment in health improvements, including walking along a mountain trail, is the wisest way to prevent infirmity and illness. The nature trails around mountains like Bukhansan, Dobongsan, and Gwanaksan are nice disease prevention amenities. I think I shall talk to the Korea National Park Service about coming up with ideas to encourage more people to walk along these mountain trails to improve their health

    Photo: The tomb of Prince Jeongeui amid somewhat incongruous surroundings including a car rental company and vinyl-roofed greenhouses.