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Mayor's Hope Journal

  • Namsan Botanical Garden
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Hope Journal 244]

  • Mayor's Hope Journal SMG 1440

    Do you remember the botanical
    garden that used to be located in Namsan (Mountain)? The place that served
    as a treasure trove of thousands of plant species disappeared in history as
    part of the campaign to remove concrete structures from Namsan. I think Seoul
    needs to have a botanical garden that contributes to the maintenance of
    diversity of plant species and serves as a resting place for urban


    This month (August
    2013), we at Seoul Metropolitan Government established a plan to build a
    botanical park in a site in Magok, which was originally set as the site for a
    public park. The area is about twice as large as Yeouido Park, and the work
    will be completed by 2016. The place will feature a botanical garden, a forest,
    a lake, and a stream flowing through it. The place will be a grand park along
    with nearby Gungsan Mountain, Seonam Sewage Treatment Center, and Gangseo Swamp
    Park. A wide area growing diverse plant species will help people enhance their
    mental health. 


    The botanical park,
    which aims to grow 10,000 plant species, will also serve as a place where
    people discuss how to develop the gardening culture.


    While studying in the
    United Kingdom, I paid a
    visit to the Eden Project in Cornwall, a
    six-hour ride from London.
    As a botanical garden built in former clay mine, it helped rejuv…